“Express” Train for People of Kirandul in Dantewada


Fulfilling the demand of more than three old decades of local public of Kirandul for running of an “Express Train” in their area, Indian Railways has extended the existing special train between Visakhapatnam-Jagdalpur upto Kirandul (in Dantewada District of Chhattisgarh State) with effect from 20th November, 2017.  This is the first ‘Express’ category train for the people of Kirandul which is a left wing extremist affected area.

Minister of Railways and Coal Shri Piyush Goyal in his recent tour to Chhattisgarh had promised to extend this train to Kirandul following a request from Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Dr. Raman Singh.  Under the direction of Shri Piyush Goyal this work was expedited and the promise was fulfilled within a fortnight.  This train passes through naxal area like “Dantewada” with full security.

The inauguration for extension of this Train No. 08152 Visakhapatnam – Jagdalpur to Kirandul was done on 20th November, 2017 by Shri Kedar Kashyap, Minister of Education, Govt. of Chhattisgarh in the august presence of Shri Dinesh Kashyap, Member of Parliament, Bastar (Chhattisgarh) along with local MLA, Mayor and other dignitaries.

The inaugural run of the train was received with very enthusiasm by the public of Kirandul. The public were delighted with the arrival of first Mail and Express train to their area Kirandul which will connect them to Delhi, Chennai, Howrah etc. via Visakhapatnam.  It will be an overnight train for the convenience of the passengers.


 Train No. 08511 Kirandul -Visakhapatnam special train with special fare will leave Kirandul daily from 21.11.2017 to 31.12.2017 at 15.00hrs and reach Visakhapatnam at 03.00hrs on the following day.

Train No.08512 from Visakhapatnam – Jagdalpur special train with special fare will leave Visakhapatnam daily from 21.11.2017 to 31.12.2017 at 22.15hrs and will reach Kirandul at 10.00hrs on the following day.

Enroute these special trains will stop at Kottavalasa, Araku, Koraput, Jeypore, and Kotpar Road, Jagdalpur, Dilmili, Kaklur, Dantewara and Bacheli in both directions.

These trains comprise 09 coaches viz. One AC III Tier, Three Sleeper Class, Three General Second Class and Two Second Class Luggage Cum Brake Van coaches.

The abstract timings of the special trains:

08512 Visakhapatnam- Jagdalpur-Kirandul

Visakhapatnam Kottavalasa Araku Koraput Jeypore Kotpar Road Jagdalpur
Departure Arvl-dep hrs Arvl-dep hrs Arvl- dep hrs Arvl-dep hrs Arvl-dep hrs Arvl-Dep
22.15hrs 22.41     22.43 01.30     01.35 03.15    03.20 04.25    04.27 05.08     05.10 06.05-06.30

Dilmili Kaklur Dantewara Bacheli Kirandul
Arvl-dep hrs Arvl- dep hrs Arvl-dep hrs Arvl-dep hrs Arvl
07.00-07.02 07.33-07.35 08.10-08.12 08.45-08.47 10.00hrs

 08511 Kirandul- Jagdalpur-Visakhapatnam

Kirandul Bacheli Dantewara Kaklur Dilmili Jagdalpur Kotpar Road
Departure Arvl- dep Arvl-dep Arvl-dep Arvl-dep Arvl-dep hrs Arvl-dep
15.00hrs 15.25-15.27 15.56-15.58 16.32-16.34 17.02-17.04 19.05-19.30 20.00-20.02

Jeypore Koraput Araku Kottavalasa Visakhapatnam
Arvl-dep Arvl- dep hrs Arvl- dep hrs Arvl- dep hrs Arvl
20.33-20.35 21.55    22.00 23.35    23.40 02.18    02.20 03.00hrs


Note: At present the 08511/08512 Special express train is running in diverted route via Vizianagaram, Rayagada, Koraput as the Bridge No. 249 in the  Chimidipalli-Borraguhalu section in Kottavalasa-Kirandul Section of Waltair Division  was damaged due to incessant rains leading to boulder fall in September-2017. This train will run in diverted route till further advice.

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