TBM ‘Ganga’ Achieves Breakthrough at Hussainganj

Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) achieved another tunneling breakthrough of it second TMB ‘Ganga’ at the Hussainganj shaft yesterday after completing an underground drive of 610 meters between Sachivalaya and  Hussainganj.

With this, LMRC has reached another milestone in its execution of underground work in the 3.67 km stretch DOWN LINE between Charbagh and Hussainganj  passing beneath some highly congested areas and old dilapidated buildings.

TBM-Ganga commenced tunnelling work from Sachivalaya underground station in second week of October and has taken just about 2 months to complete this drive successfully meeting all the technical and logistical challenges through a dedicated team of officials from Lucknow Metro, Contractor and the General Consultants.

With the completion of this drive, Lucknow Metro has successfully completed tunneling work between Hazratganj and Hussainganj which constitutes about 75% of the total scope of tunneling which has been planned to be carried out between Charbagh to Hazratganj.

TBM- Ganga shall now be taken to the launching shaft in front of Deen Dayal Park, Charbagh for undertaking its final drive on DOWN LINE between Charbagh and Hussainganj.

The state of the art on board computerized tunnel guidance system have been provided in TBMs to ensure that the tunneling  is done as per the designed alignment to the highest level of accuracy. Extensive instrumentation has been done throughout the underground stretch and continuous online and real time monitoring is done by a team of dedicated experts to ensure safety during TBM operation.

Ganga TBM Breakthrough
Ganga TBM Breakthrough

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