MD, LMRC inspects the ongoing Construction Works Between KD Singh Babu Stadium to Munshipuliya; RS Mishra will be the First to Complete all 8 Stations in Second Phase (1B)

Mr. Kumar Keshav Managing Director, Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation reviewed the ongoing construction work under the North South Corridor (Phase 1A) from KD Singh Babu Stadium to Munshipulia. During his visit he was accompanied by LMRC officials, General Consultant and M/s L&T team.

Starting the inspection from KD Singh Babu Stadium, he oversaw the construction work going on for Metro Stations where he focused on the early finishing of the structural work of the stations. Construction of the pier on this location including the one out of two major pier of Gomti River is already completed.

Managing Director inspected the ongoing construction work at all the stations up to Munshipulia including Badshah Nagar, Lekhraj, RS Mishra Nagar, Indra Nagar stations where pilling work has already finished. He shown his satisfaction with the base construction of RS Mishra Metro Station as it has already accomplished.

Under this section, IT crossing will have the sharpest curve of 128° which is less than the curve of Mawaiya Span of 147°.


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