BMRCL extends deadline to receive public responses on Comprehensive Mobility Plan 2020

Following the public demand for more time to respond to the Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CMP) 2020, BMRCL has extended the deadline to January 20. The original deadline was January 6 and there were voices raised in many quarters that the time given to respond to it was insufficient.

The CMP has been readied by the Directorate of Urban Land Transport along with BMRCL and proposes a mass transit system with integration of Metro, Suburban Rail and BMTC. It has proposed implementation of the Plan in three phases from 2020 to 2035.

The Plan was released on the BMRCL website on December 7 to get public response. Priority bus lane corridors for 202 kms, new roads running to 515 km, and dedicated high capacity corridors for 231 km and Metrolite figures in the CMP. Urban transportation expert Sanjeev Dyamannavar welcomed the move by BMRCL.

“It is really good they extended the deadline. The period opened for public responses was a holiday period, and hence, many were not in a position to give inputs for it. We also hope BMRCL holds a few public discussions and explains the details.

Browsing through the entire plan and understanding it’s implications for the City may not be possible for all,” he said.

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