DMRC-Airport Express Line gets free WiFi

Dr Mangu Singh launched the ‘Free High Speed Wi-Fi’ facility for passengers travelling on the Airport Express Line.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has announced the availability of free high-speed WiFi services inside its train coaches on the Airport Express Line. The service was inaugurated by DMRC Managing Director Dr Mangu Singh.

This is the first such facility in any country in the South Asian region, DMRC Officials told PTI. The 22.7 km Airport Express line has six stations in total. DMRC has said it plans to extend the facility to Lines 1-6.

According to an image shared by the DMRC’s Twitter account, the download speeds on the Airport Line were shown as 88Mbps. WiFi facility is already available on platforms of the Blue and Yellow Line and the Airport Express Line. Here’s how the WiFi facility will work inside the Delhi Metro on Airport Express line.

The network name is  “METROWIFI_FREE”.  To use the free Wi-Fi service one needs to connect his/her mobile device to the network by entering the login information, for which, the phone number can be entered as username and password will be the one time password (OTP), sent by the network.

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