Chennai Metro’s Pongal Gift to Citizens, will Charge 50 Percent Less in Holidays

People coming to Chennai for the Pongal festival are given sweet news by the Chennai metro rail. On January 15,16, and 17, the three government holidays for Pongal, people who travel in the metro train, have to pay only half the regular charges. Also, the transport department has arranged buses from Government Estate and AG-DMS metro stations to Marina beach on January 17, the Kannum Pongal day.

Pongal fever is gripping the Tamil Nadu people who celebrate this traditional festival for three days. And especially on Kannum Pongal day on January 17, Chennai will be flooded by people from all parts of Tamil Nadu.

To facilitate such people, the CMRL or the Chennai Metro Rail Limited announced on, January 12, that all the three days of Pongal celebration days will be charging only half the regular charges. It will not only help the people coming to Chennai, but make them prefer the metro route instead of the crowded buses.

CMRL’s dream project of metro rail across Chennai city started in 2015. But due to high ticket costs, people stayed away from the metros. In December last year 2019, CMRL to make the more people travel in the metro rail reduced the fares by 10 % with a minimum ticket charge of Rs. 10 and a maximum of Rs. 60.

Also, to increase the people to use the metro during the weekends, the ticket fare for the two days was only 50 % of the other days. And now with Pongal, CMRL is trying to make numerous people coming for Pongal holidays to know about the fantastic facilities of metro rail has reduced the fare by 50 % on those three days.

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