GMDA Submits traffic plan for Panchgaon RRTS Station to NHAI

Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) last week submitted a detailed traffic plan prepared by NCRTC, showing the proposed RRTS station at Panchgaon, the toll plaza and suggested flow of traffic in the area, to the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI).

The plan once approved will pave the way for NHAI to acquire land from the state industries body to construct the 28-lane toll plaza, expected to replace the one at Kherki Daula after MCEPL’s contract expires in 2023, officials in the know of the matter said.

The traffic plan, submitted by the National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC), shows the route motorists would have to take from Delhi, Jaipur and the KMP Expressway to reach the RRTS station.

“We have submitted the traffic plan to the GMDA. It clearly indicates that the RRTS will not interfere with the functioning of the toll plaza,” NCRTC chief public relations officer Sudhir Kumar Sharma said.

According to the plan, new roads and slip roads would be built and all of them would lead to a roundabout meant to direct traffic to the RRTS station.

Commuters from Delhi, after crossing the toll plaza, would take the left slip road, head towards the roundabout and take an exit to reach the RRTS station. For commuters coming from Jaipur, a new slip road on NH-48 would lead them to the RRTS station. Commuters coming from Kundli would get a new road leading straight to the roundabout.

NCRTC officials said the various route maps, as detailed in the suggested traffic map for the Panchgaon RRTS station, clearly indicate that the local commuter traffic would not lead to bottlenecking at the toll plaza.

“We have given all options to the GMDA so that there is no doubt about the traffic movement at Panchgaon,” Sharma said.

The GMDA chief said they have asked the NHAI to assess the proposed traffic plan and get the necessary approvals so the land can be acquired from the Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC).

“As soon as we receive an approval from the NHAI, the GMDA will approach the HSIIDC to clears all legal hurdles and transfer it to the highways authority for work to begin,” GMDA chief executive officer Virender Kundu said.

NHAI, Gurugram, project director Ashok Sharma confirmed receiving the proposed traffic plan. “We have received the traffic plan, proposed for RRTS station in Panchgaon, from the GMDA. The same plan has been sent to the independent consultant for review. Once the comments come in, we will seek the approval of the headquarters and acquire land.”

In November, the GMDA had decided that, for constructing the toll plaza, they would give 32 acres, instead of the 36 acres promised earlier. The NHAI had originally sought 40 acres from the state government.

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