GCC to Allocate 12,722 Sqm Land to Chennai Metro for Phase II Project

Greater Chennai Corporation has decided to hand over 12,722 square metres of land worth Rs 41.99 crore to Chennai Metro Rail Ltd (CMRL) for its phase-2 construction. The land, owned by the civic body, includes an Amma canteen, two parks, an open playground with a basketball court and gym and a portion of a road.

Apart from the cost of the land, CMRL would have to bear the cost of re-constructing these facilities at another location as well as take permission from the government wherever more than 5% of open land is being transferred. The decision was taken in the corporation council meeting in November, details of which were uploaded on the civic body’s website on Thursday (20th February 2020).

According to the documents, six parcels of corporation’s land would be given.

  • In zone 6, the corporation has decided to give 657 square metres of land permanently for construction of Ayanavaram station. This includes corporation’s ward building and a portion of a road. The cost of this portion is Rs 1.18 crore.
  • In zone 13, CMRL will get 1,203 square metres of land, which is a third of Dr Muthulakshmi Reddy park that the civic body opened in 2010. The corporation will give the land to CMRL on the condition that the park be brought back to its original condition after construction is over. It is likely that the Aavin booth operating at the park will also be removed. The cost of this land parcel is Rs 12.14 crore.
  • In zone 6, the corporation has decided to give two more parcels of land for construction of Perambur Market metro station. Of this, 42 square metres accommodates an Amma canteen, which CMRL would have to relocate to another location.
  • In ward 70, metro rail will be given 1,361 square metres permanently and 2,515 square metres on a temporary basis. This land abuts a portion of the Murasoli Maran park, which the transport agency would have to refurbish after construction is over. The corporation has also directed that CMRL construct a building for them. These parcels would cost Rs 21.56 lakh and Rs 6.5 crore.
  • In Zone 9, for construction of Tirumailai metro station, a shopping complex-cum-toilet over 108 square metre run by the corporation will be given to metro rail for Rs 1.55 crore. CMRL will have to replace and rebuild the complex. In the zone, CMRL will get 1,751 square metres permanently and 5,224 square metre temporarily for construction of Greenways Road metro station. This is the biggest land parcel covering a basketball court, an open playground, a gym and a portion of KVB Garden park. This will cost CMRL Rs 20.4 crore.

The Greater Chennai Corporation does not have an elected council for the past four years. Its commissioner G Prakash is the special officer.

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