MMRDA floats tender for multi-modal integration for Metro 2 & 7

To provide seamless last-mile connectivity for Metro commuters, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Corporation (MMRDA) is planning to develop a multi-modal integration (MMI) for the Metro 2 and 7A lines.

For the implementation of MMI plan, tenders have been invited for the appointment of contractors and project management consultants for Metro lines 2 and 7A, as these two corridors are at an advanced stage of completion and are expected to be commissioned by 2020-end.

For the implementation of plans, the package 1 and 2 would include eight stations each at a tender cost of Rs 82.55 crore and Rs 98.15 crore respectively, while the package 3 and 4 include seven stations each at a tender cost of Rs 91.04 crore and Rs 85.12 crore respectively. For the project management consultancy, the two packages would be for 15 stations each.

According to MMRDA, as the metro corridors pass through densely urban areas and the stations are generally located close to the residential and commercial development areas, there is an opportunity to provide last-mile connectivity from the metro stations to neighbouring areas, which will help to decongest the roads. 

MMRDA also organised a workshop with developers on the last-mile connectivity for Metro line 2A and line 7 yesterday (Tuesday, 3rd February 2020). RA Rajeev, commissioner MMRDA, said a direct access to malls and commercial complexes would be beneficial for people and developers.

“This will be a two-way communication as a connection to a mall or commercial complex is always better than coming down on the road. The point is to ensure convenience for commuters. It is for the betterment of the city that these public facilities are being made. The idea is to decongest the city by first and last-mile connectivity,” he added.

The workshop was organised to obtain feedback, ideas, queries, and suggestions on providing connectivity and also decide on design, construction, O & M arrangement, terms and conditions, and other modalities.

Similar workshops would be organised in the future for other Metro lines as and when they near completion status.

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