Delhi Metro Intensifies Cleaning Activities Inside Trains and Stations

The Delhi Metro with 360 kms and 264 stations has intensified cleaning in all its premises including trains and stations.

All Metro trains are cleaned thoroughly at 12 Metro train depots located across the entire network before putting them into passenger services every day and trains are also cleaned after every trip at its terminal stations. Similarly, housekeeping teams round the clock keep the stations clean.

The practice has been further intensified in the wake of the recent corona virus outbreak with special emphasis on locations like hand railings, train doors, token Vending machines (TVMs), Passenger Emergency Alarms (PEA) lifts & escalators  etc. where hands come in direct contact. 

In order to ensure cleanliness of the highest standards in and around the Metro stations and trains the following activities are being carried out by DMRC:- 

  1. 24X7 regular cleaning of Metro Stations:- Mechanised cleaning of metro stations carried out 24X7  which include scrubbing, wet cleaning of floor, concourse, platform, passages, stairs, station control rooms, ancillary building areas, doors, window frames, shutters etc.  Other than this, weekly, fortnightly and monthly activities are also being planned for mechanised cleaning. Passenger movement areas such as concourse, passages, platforms, floors, stairs, glass work, steel work etc and associated equipments such as AFC gates, lifts escalators are also cleaned regularly.
  2. Cleanliness inside trains during revenue hours on mainline: To provide better service to Metro commuters, the floor & seats of metro trains are cleaned during revenue hours. For this, specially trained additional housekeeping staffs are deployed in two shifts at terminal Metro stations of all Lines.
  3. Special cleanliness drives at Metro stations: Special cleaning drives are carried out at major high footfall Metro stations to improve the cleanliness & upkeep of stations. The main focus areas during cleanliness drives are:
  4. Cleaning of circulating/surrounding areas.
  5. Removal of unauthorized posters.
  6. Cleaning of parking areas.
  7. Proper disposal of garbage and plastic wastes.
  8. Cleaning inside station including security frisking area.
  9. Cleaning of toilets
  • Intensive cleaning of parking areas:-Parking areas are cleaned regularly to ensure cleanliness and besides this weekly intensive cleaning is carried out in night hours on every Saturday in each parking lot.

 Resources involved in execution of above activities: –

  1. Use of Eco-friendly chemicals and high standard equipments:- For carrying out these activities, cold water high pressure jet, battery operated walk-behind automatic scrubber dryer, automated vaccum cleaner, steam cleaner, automatic escalator cleaners are being used extensively for cleaning purpose. Eco-friendly chemicals like J Flex Stride/ Echo Zan BK Conc-S5/ A.Mela, Suma Inox/ Echo De Lime/ Plural Plus, J Flex Glance (Non Ammoniated)/ S3/ Plural ecolabel, TASKI R6/ Echo Flush/ WC Rein, Taski Spiral F11/3M General purpose cleaner-P2 & liquid shop etc  are used for cleaning activities at metro stations.
  • At Train Depots: Similar preventative methods are being adopted at Metro train depots for over 330 train sets across Delhi Metro network. Delhi Metro trains are regularly cleaned at the depots every day before putting them into passenger operations.
  • Mass Sensitization:   Delhi Metro staff has been sensitized and guidelines have been circulated regarding Do’s and Dont’s to prevent the spread of Corona virus. Do’s and Dont’s in both English and Hindi regarding Corona Virus are also being run on digital screens at major stations like Rajiv Chowk, Kashmere Gate, Central Secretariat, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi etc.

Civic bodies have also been requested to help in keeping the premises outside metro areas clean.

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