Jaipur Metro stations all set for rail safety inspection

The Jaipur Metro – Phase I(B) corridor is now ready for Commissioner of Metro Railway Safety (CMRS) inspection, which is scheduled this week. As the CMRS will conduct trials tomorrow and day after (March 17 and 18).

The JMRC officials are burning midnight oil to complete the preparations. According to officials, the now-complete stations have all the advanced features. Alongside the large staircase, there is a ramp for the differently abled which connects to an elevator to the non-paid area on the concourse level.

On the safety front, the station has passenger screen doors, CCTV cameras, neon signs, digital information display boards, ticket-vending machines, automatic fare collection gates, customer care booths and a hi-tech station control room.

Tactile paths have been laid at entry and exit points for visually impaired passengers. The underground corridor, which is expansion of Phase-I (Mansarovar to Chandpole), is expected to be operational after receiving the CMRS nod. The length of entire metro corridor Phase IA and IB is 12.07km.

“The project cost of underground Phase-IB is Rs 1,126 crore. Out of which Rs 969 crore has been provided by the Asian Development Bank (ADB),” said a senior official. Sources at JMRC said the Metro Phase IB missed its June 2018 deadline due to various reasons, including Supreme Court ban on sand mining, shifting of seven temples and design change of two underground stations.

The JMRC officials believe there will be increase in ridership after the Phase IB) is operational. In the absence of Phase IB, the performance of Phase IA of Jaipur Metro was ‘poor’ as the average ridership dipped. “At present, an average 20,000 passengers commute through Metro daily, as against the projected figure of one lakh. But Phase-II is expected to boost the numbers,” said a senior official.

Features of Phase IB Stations

  • In Phase IB, two underground stations have been constructed by top-down construction technique.
  • There are three levels at each station, viz. Ground Level, Concourse Level (Intermediate Level) and Platform Level.
  • There are 4 entry/exit at each station.
  • At Chhoti Chaupar Metro Station, below the ground level, an Art Gallery has been constructed
  • Space available for property development at each station.

Facilities at Concourse Level include Ticket Operating Machine, Ticket Vending Machine, Station Control Room, Fireman Staircase, Emergency Exit. Additionally, 52 CCTVs are provided at each station.

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