Amaravati Metro Rail Corporation rechristened AP Metro Rail Corporation Limited

The Andhra Pradesh government yesterday, (Monday, 27th April 2020) issued an order renaming Amaravati Metro Rail Corporation (AMRC) as Andhra Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (APMRC). The Rechristened agency will be responsible for implementing metro rail projects in the State.

After creating two Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVS) for Visakhapatnam Metro Rail Project and Vijayawada Metro Rail Project in August 2014, the then government renamed the SPV for Vijayawada Metro Rail Project as AMRC in September 2015. However, the AMRC Managing Director suggested that it may be appropriate to rename AMRC as APMRC so as to implement the Metro Rail Projects in other parts of the State. Hence, the government issued the order accordingly.

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