Urban Railways

Hyderabad Metro on Standby to Resume Commercial Operations

The Hyderabad Metro Rail might not be operating due to lockdown, however, trials and checks of the functioning of the entire system are on. These checks ensure that things are in place to commence commercial operations within 25 hours of notice from the government.

Though there is no clarity on the possibility of the lockdown being lifted any soon or when public transport services could resume, Metro officials are taking no chances and are checking all the sections, including the rolling stock and overhead electric traction on all three corridors. All the periodical checks are being conducted regularly. In the depots, all the maintenance pertaining to the trains and other components are being thoroughly checked, HMRL Managing Director NVS Reddy said.

With spells of rains in the city during the last couple of weeks, Metro officials are inspecting the overhead electric traction on the three corridors. In the past, there were instances when flexis and banners fell on the overhead traction and disrupted the services.

“Though the services have been suspended, we have to ensure that the entire system, including the services, is functioning without any glitches. All we need is 24 hours advance notice to commence commercial operations,” said Reddy.

Limited staff is being utilised to ensure these maintenance works, besides monitoring the system from Operations and Command Centre. Moreover, the trains and other components need to be operated and their performance checked considering the break in operations due to the lockdown, he said.

Apart from the technical aspects, HMRL is also making good use of the lockdown in completing different civil works at the ground level. In Sultan Bazaar, works pertaining to laying a cement concrete road are being taken up with brisk pace.

Similarly, pavement works, street furniture works and others are also being executed at different places and efforts are being made to complete as many before the lockdown is lifted.