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Alternate Seats in Mumbai Metro Coaches to Remain Empty

The Mumbai Metro has begun drawing up protocols with a focus on social distancing for resuming services after the prohibitory orders are lifted and public transportation allowed.

On Thursday, the Mumbai Metro released photographs of its trains on the Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar Metro route, where stickers have been put up on seats, with alternate ones left vacant. The seating arrangements on its 16 rakes, officials said, have been changed to ensure that commuters can maintain social distancing while travelling.

“Currently, a Metro coach has a sitting capacity 200, while another 200 people can travel standing. The new arrangement will reduce the capacity to half. So, now 100 commuters can sit and 75 can stand in each coach,” a senior official of Metro One said. Mumbai Metro One has a daily ridership of 3.8 lakh.