UPMRC Completes IIT Kanpur Metro Station Piers Work

Aiming to compensate for the time loss for civil construction of priority corridor (IIT to Motijheel) due to lockdown, Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) has completed all 22 piers (pillars) of IIT Metro Station.

After resuming civil construction of corridor on May 15 with district administration’s approval, UPMRC engineers completed all the proposed piers for IIT Metro Station. Before the announcement of nationwide lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic, UPMRC had successfully completed 21 out of 22 proposed piers of IIT Metro Station.

Besides, UPMRC has also completed piling work till Kalyanpur Metro station. Managing director, UPMRC, Kumar Keshav, congratulated Metro engineers and said, “After stagnancy of last few months due to lockdown, Metro engineers are moving ahead with full zeal and trying to regain the desired speed of work at site and that have started bringing results in implementation of the Kanpur Metro project.

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