UPMRC completes Kanpur Metro Work till Kalyanpur Stretch

Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC), which is carrying out the task of the Kanpur Metro construction in the city has successfully completed the construction work related to piles, pile caps and piers till Kalyanpur stretch.

In the first phase, Kanpur Metro work is being carried out between IIT-Kanpur and Motijheel of which the work has been completed till Kalyanpur. Before the announcement of ‘Janta Curfew’ followed by the nationwide lockdown, Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation was executing the civil construction work of Priority Corridor between IIT-Kanpur and Motijheel.

Lockdown imposed due to Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a halt on the work but soon after getting nod from the district administration to resume civil construction of the corridor on May 15, the Corporation is moving ahead with proper strategy so that the available workforce can be utilized most efficiently for the best possible outcomes.

“As a result of this dedication and strategic course of action, UPMRC has successfully completed all the construction work related with piles, pile caps and piers that fall under the stretch till Kalyanpur. Till now, UPMRC has completed construction of total 931 piles, 87 pile caps and 69 piers for the Priority Corridor”, UPMRC said in a press statement.

On this occasion UPMRC’s MD Kumar Keshav said, “Regaining the pace of civil construction that we had before the lockdown is surely a challenge but with each passing day, we are getting closer to previous rhythm and pace and for this all credit goes to Metro engineers’ vision, planning, preparation and fine sense of execution.”

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