UPMRC Creates History with First Double T-Girder Erection at IIT Kanpur Metro Station

The Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) has made another historic achievement yesterday (Friday, 24th July 2020) midnight by erection of the first pre-casted double T-girder of the metro corridor under the Kanpur Metro project and by doing this UPMRC added another new feat to its achievements. In fact, before this, double T-girder was never used for preparing slab of concourse level of a Metro station under any Metro project in India. The strategy of Metro engineers behind the use of double T-girders in the civil construction of Kanpur Metro is that it will beneficial for saving time and for good finishing too.

On this proud moment, Shri. Kumar Keshav, Managing Director, UPMRC said, “It is our endeavor to always strive for an innovation that will not only speed up construction work but also enhance the structural beauty of the project. It is the result of these continuous efforts that for the first time in India, we have achieved an unprecedented achievement using this kind of experiment. This experiment will prove to be very effective in the direction of completing the Kanpur metro project within the stipulated time frame. I congratulate the whole team of Metro engineers, our Design Consultants and Contractor for evolving the concept and successfully implementing it at site. ”

What is a T-girder?

There are many types of girder used in the structure of metro, whose main task is to incorporate precast construction to enhance the speed in delivering the project. Double T-girder is now being used for construction of concourse slab above the road for elevated stations in Kanpur Metro construction. The girder is named after its shape resembling like the letter ‘T’ in English.

Why is the use of double T-girder special?

Generally, a group of single girders is used to form the base of the concourse of the elevated Metro stations, but in Kanpur Metro, double T-girder is used to form the base of the station’s concourse. It is being used to save time in construction and also, to enhance the finishing of the structure.

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