UPMRC Releases SOP for Metro Operations

According to guidelines of MOHUA (Ministry of housing and urban affairs) UP metro has also prepared SOP like every other Metro to operate Metro trains which is approved by Ministry. Highlights are-

1.Metro to operate like earlier days and follow the normal timing from 7th Sept, the day of reopening. Operation time is from 6am to 10pm everyday.

2. The metro trains to be available in normal interval of time, which is 5-1/2 minutes, being run with 16 trains.

3. Trains to stop at every station.

4. Mask is mandatory. But if any one don’t carry, Lucknow metro will provide on payment basis as per Ministry guidelines.

5. Arogya Setu is recommended but not mandatory. Name and mobile number of person to be noted in register who don’t have mobile phone or smart phone.

6. Temperature of every commuter will be recorded at the time of entry.

7. Don’t carry or carry minimum metal items in train as contactless frisking to be done.

8. Two gates will be functional normally at every metro station. No separate gates for entry and exit. Sanitiser will be available at every gate. It’s mandatory to sanitise hand.

9. Metro provide Total Contactless travel  compared to Auto, E rickshaw, bus by using smart card without going to ticket counter with no cash exchange, crossing entry gate by bringing card to near sensor without touching it, following social distance at station by following signage and seating at alternate seat which is regularly sensitised.

10. Tokens and smart cards both will be functional for commuting. In a first in country, Lucknow metro is using UV days to sanitise tokens.

11. Trains and station premises to be sanitised at regular intervals to ensure maximum safety to our passengers.

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