Lucknow Metro Recommends ‘GoSmart’ Card for Total Contactless Travel

Lucknow Metro has been vouching for Contactless Travel since the resumption of Metro services and considering their safety and health, passengers are showing a positive attitude towards the usage of Go-Smart Cards for an absolute contactless travel. These provisions and safety arrangements are giving passengers a sense of satisfaction and safety while traveling. Measures taken by UPMRC are leading to positive response among passengers in terms of footfall also.

Among all others, Lucknow Metro is the only public transport that offers the provision of a total contactless travel experience by the usage of GoSmart cards. This mode of contactless travel benefits the passengers to wide extent by making their journey safe and carefree.

The key highlights &unique features of contactless travel through GoSmart Card are:

No currency exchange; facility of online recharge through net banking, debit card as well automatic TVM.

No actual tapping of the GoSmart card on the card reader of AFC Gates AFC gate equipped with special sensor that scans the card when brought close to it

Right from entering the station, boarding the train and exiting the station, no physical contact with any object except for the sanitized metro seat.

GoSmart Card saves both time & money with no need to stand in queue for buying tokens 10% fare discount on each travel

Facilitates buying of multiple tokens for co-passengers through cashless transaction via GoSmart card.

With GoSmart card users can avail & enjoy free Wi-Fi facility at  Metro stations.

Contactless GoSmart card is compact, portable & is available for sale at all the Metro stations.      
Smart Features of ‘GoSmart’ Card

Shri Kumar Keshav, MD, UPMRC today took a visit to many metro stations starting from CCS Airport Metro station in morning. He said, “I request our commuters to use GoSmart card to experience absolute contactless metro travel. The well-being of our commuter is paramount for us for which we encourage cashless transaction with special facility of dispensing multiple tokens from GoSmart card.” The public can be rest assured with peace of mind in comparison to other modes of public transport system.

UPMRC is committed to the safety and security of its passengers by taking utmost care with strict compliance of guidelines & norms of the government. Lucknow metro has specially designed & prepared comprehensive ‘Business Continuity Plan’ comprising all the safety measures, instruction & regulations for ensuring the safest travel to its commuters.This plan can be easily accessed and downloaded from our e-platforms.

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