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Mumbai Metro eyes Kolkata e-pass model to resume operations

Kolkata Metro’s system of crowd management seems to have become a model for the country. On Tuesday, senior officials from Mumbai Central held an online meeting with the developers who were appointed by the Bengal government to create the URL from where e-passes are being downloaded.

The state transport department helped find this solution for managing crowd. Sanjoy Chatterjee, whom the state government has appointed to develop the Pathadisha Metro e-pass, said: “The officials from Mumbai’s Central Railway told us that crowd management is a big headache for them and they would like us to help them address the issue the same way it has been done for Kolkata Metro.”

Since there’s no time for Railways to invite bids, the Maharashtra government would be approached to partner with the private developers in the PPP way, said Chatterjee, who is the director of Ideation Technology. On Monday, Bengal transport officials had received calls from Mumbai Central Line and Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC).

They wanted to understand how Kolkata Metro’s e-pass was working. Metro Railway general manager Manoj Joshi said, “Mumbai Central Line general manager has taken the details from us and we put them on to the state transport department. Our system has turned out to be a model for crowd management.