Agra Metro to recharge 10 lakh litres of groundwater every year

As part of conservation efforts, Agra Metro Project authorities aim to recharge 10 lakh litres of groundwater every year. Work has started to construct 300 recharge pits along the 29-km-long metro rail alignment for the purpose. Besides, rainwater harvesting systems will also be developed at half a dozen other locations to maximize the collection of rainwater.

According to the Metro project officials, the initiative is aimed at improving the depleting groundwater levels in the city. Of the 15 blocks in the district, at least 12 are in the “dark zone”. So far, more than 40 recharge pits have been excavated for the three elevated metro stations situated on Fatehabad Road.

Kumar Keshav, managing director, Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation, said, “More than 15 lakh litres of groundwater is being recharged by Lucknow Metro. This same is being implemented by Kanpur Metro Project. Along these lines, Agra Metro Project is also making elaborate arrangements for groundwater recharge and rainwater harvesting. This metro project will be the first of its kind in Agra to take such extensive steps for groundwater recharge.” The Agra Metro rail project is likely to be completed by 2025.

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