Delhi Metro to conduct customer satisfaction survey

The Transport Strategy Centre (TSC), London which manages CoMET and NOVA benchmarking groups, will be conducting the “8th Online Customer Satisfaction Survey” from 12th April (Monday) – 9th May (Sunday) 2021. The main objective of the survey is to know what the commuters think about various aspects of Metro Operations including feedback/suggestions on improving the quality of service.

Commuters who wish to participate in the Survey can visit DMRC’s official website and submit the Survey online by clicking on the given links. The Survey form will be available in both English and Hindi.

Commuters will be able to give their feedback on all the important aspects of Metro functioning such as:

•   Overall Satisfaction

•   Availability

•   Accessibility

•   Reliability

•   Information availability

•   Quality of Service

•   Customer care

•   Safety & Security

•   Ease of Use

•   Information Prior to Travel and During the Travel

•   Comfort

•   Crowding

•   Security

•   Experience during Covid pandemic

Member metros of Comet and Nova group across the world are participating in this survey to find out what their passengers think of the service they provide. The results of the survey will help them to learn good practices which are admired by commuters and work toward giving customers even better service.

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