UPMRC Successfully Erects 4 U-Girders Below Power Transmission Lines at SPM for Kanpur Metro Project

Since the beginning, Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (UPMRC) has proven its engineering excellence while executing the Kanpur Metro Rail Project. And now, UPMRC’s civil & electrical engineers have registered another milestone in the name of Kanpur Metro. UPMRC has safely & successfully erected 4 U-girders yesterday night at SPM after raising the 220kv high voltage power transmission lines crossing GT Road in close coordination with Uttar Pradesh Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. (UPPTCL). Earlier 132kv transmission line was also raised similarly. These high voltage transmission lines have been raised to enable construction of elevated Metro in Priority Section by erecting special transmission towers on both sides of the Metro viaduct.

Congratulating UPMRC team of engineers both Civil and Electrical, MD Shri Kumar said, “After completing the erection of U-girders below these high voltage overhead transmission lines, now our viaduct in Priority Section is complete even at these difficult locations. Raising the height of these transmission lines in such a tough target is a unbelievable and result of meticulous planning and execution of such highly technical work with precision.”

The achievement in brief:

——220 kV Double Circuit Transmission Lines (Panki to Unnao and Panki to Bithoor) of U.P. Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. (UPPTCL) are crossing Kanpur Metro alignment between Kalyanpur Metro Station and SPM Metro Station perpendicularly.

——Considering the erection of U-girders, these lines were in close vicinity with the Metro’s viaduct because of their low height from the road level. So in view of safety, UPMRC put a hold on the erection of 4 U-girders in this area.

——These lines were raised by erecting special transmission towers on both sides of the Metro corridor and the height was raised up to 30 meters from the road level.

——After ensuring the safety prospect, UPMRC took electric shutdown and erected 4 U-girders at SPM yesterday.

——132 kV transmission lines are also crossing the Metro alignment in this area, but their height was optimum as per the safety requirements for erection, so 2 U-girders were placed below this line previously. The height of these lines has also been raised in view of avoiding infringement with the Metro system, considering train operations in the future.

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