Pune Metro ramp work to be completed by next month

The work of a crucial ramp section to switch over Metro tracks from the elevated portion to the underground stretch, and vice-versa, is in the final stage. Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MahaMetro) is aiming at completing the rest of the work by next month. The ramp is being built at the Metro’s Agriculture College depot — the point connecting the underground and the elevated stretches. The ramp is a part of the Metro’s Pimpri to Swargate corridor. The Pimpri to Agriculture College stretch is an elevated viaduct section, after which the Metro will travel underground till Swargate.

Two box culverts for two Metro lines are being constructed at the site by the cut-and-cover method. The upper portion of the ramp is being filled and covered by soil, so that the area can be utilized for other purposes, a MahaMetro official said.

“The 500m-long ramp will help in the Metro’s seamless entry-exit from the elevated portion to the underground stretch. The work was expedited in the last few months and it has reached the final stage. The backfilling is being done. It will take another month to complete the rest of the work,” the official said. MahaMetro has already completed the excavation of the underground tunnel, starting from the Agriculture College towards the Civil Court.

“The construction of a viaduct up to the Agriculture College is also at the advanced stage. Metro will cross the railway tracks near Khadki to enter the Range Hills stretch and then travel towards the Agriculture College ramp before going underground. The height of the ramp has been lowered after Range Hills,” the official said. Hemant Sonawane, general manager (public relations) of MahaMetro, said the corporation was coming up with two depots, one each at Agriculture College and Vanaz. The Agriculture College depot would look after the maintenance of Metro rakes of the Pimpri-Swargate route.A separate wing was being constructed at the depot site for the rakes to enter the maintenance area, he added.

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