Lucknow Metro Ensures the Safest Travel with Extensive Social Distancing and Absolute Contactless Travel

After receiving an overwhelming response on the first day, Lucknow Metro encourages the commuters to travel with the same enthusiasm & vigor as it is the safest way to travel. Lucknow Metro has taken all the necessary safety measures and is committed to providing a safe & convenient traveling experience to passengers once again. Lucknow Metro also assures social distancing in comparison to other modes of mass transit along with absolute contactless travel.

Lucknow Metro stations and trains are operating with a dedicated social distancing mechanism along with absolute contactless travel for the safety of commuters. With adequate space both at the stations and inside trains, passengers can be rest assured that they are in a safe environment to experience the safest travel while maintaining social distancing.

• Social distancing markings & signage at all stations while queuing up near Ticket counters (TOMs), Ticket vending machines (TVMs), security checkpoint, Entry-Exit AFC gates

• Special markings have also been done on train seats to ensure alternate seating maintaining sufficient gap between passengers

• Every lift has floor stickers to ensure no more than 2 passengers at a time to maintain social distancing.

• The elongated Hand Held Metal Detector is being used to ensure a reasonable distance between the passenger and the security personnel.

• The staff deployed at stations has been counseled & trained for contactless frisking maintaining a safe distance.

For ensuring complete contactless travel for the commuters, Lucknow Metro has taken adequate measures at different levels i.e. while entering the metro station, boarding the train & exiting the station premises.

The key highlights & unique features of contactless travel are:

• Ensures total contactless travel with no need of tapping GoSmart card on the automated panel of Entry/Exit AFC gates

• AFC gate equipped with special sensor scans the card when brought close

• Enroute the metro journey passenger-only comes in contact with sanitized seats & grab handles of trains

• Contactless GoSmart card is compact, portable & user-friendly available at all the Metro stations

• No currency exchange or touching any equipment with a GoSmart card

• GoSmart Card saves both time & money with no need to stand in queue for buying tokens & 10% fare concession on each travel

• Facilitates buying of multiple tokens through cashless transaction via GoSmart card

• GoSmart card can be recharged online from net banking, debit card as well automatic TVM

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