Jaipur Metro to resume services from today

Jaipur Metro service is to start from Thursday, 17th May 2021 and it will run on all days barring Sunday. The services will be available from 6.20am to 4.30pm in accordance with modified lockdown guidelines and corona protocol. The frequency of the sevices will be 10 minutes.

As per the rules of the government, the last train from Badi Chaupar to Mansarovar and from Mansarovar to Badi Chaupar will start at 4.30pm. Jaipur Metro CMD Ajitabh Sharma said this arrangement will continue till further orders of the state government. All arrangements have been made to maintain social distancing and all passengers will travel by sitting.

Metro staff and police will be present during the journeys to ensure adherence of standard operating procedure (SOP). All the instructions issued by the state government for the prevention and control of corona will be strictly followed by the Metro administration. Thermal screening of every passenger will be done and nobody will be allowed to board a train without a mask.

Sharma informed that the art gallery located at Chhoti Chaupar Metro Station will also remain open for the general public from 9.30am to 3pm every day except Sundays.

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