VMRDA draft master plan eyes transit-oriented development

The Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Authority (VMRDA) draft master plan-2041 projected that the public transitled urban structure through the metro, bus rapid transit system, and bus corridors will thread the urban development axis and satellite urban centres in the region. It has recommended the metro network, which is conceived between Bhogapuram international airport and Anakapalli in three phases, is further extended up to the APIIC special economic zone in Atchutapuram. This would support the emerging urban axis between the airport, existing central business district of Visakhapatnam, and the industrial clusters.

The BRTS network can be expanded to provide last mile connectivity with respect to the metro network. The north-south urban axis between Bhogapuram Aerocity and mega industrial cluster at Atchutapuram will be structured hence form the image of transit-oriented development approach. According to estimates, the corridor can accommodate close to 2 million people with an average density of 200-300 pph (persons per hectare) in the built-up areas.

Transit-oriented development is proposed in 1-5 km corridors on both sides of the metro. The last mile connectivity is to be provided by non-motorised transport (NMT) mode up to 1 km and further by BRTS routes on both sides of the corridor.

As part of the carbon neutral mobility plan for Visakhapatnam, NMT network is proposed and will be integrated under the preferred strategy. It is proposed to have an additional NMT network within one km on both sides of the metro network to promote walking and other cleaner forms of paratransit. Improved connectivity to ports has been further reinforced in the draft master plan. Existing and proposed locations for truck terminals and warehousing would be integrated through an improved road network.

A regional road network has been proposed in the draft master plan. The radial roads will connect the mother city with the satellite and regional urban centres. Major state highways have been identified for widening to the towns of Rajam, Cheepurupalli, Gajapathinagaram, Srungavarapukota and Parawada. Twelve radial corridors have been identified for improving public transit within the VMRDA region in the east-west direction.

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