Kolkata Metro to run 62 more spl trains from Monday

Kolkata Metro will run 62 special trains from Monday, 28th June 2021, considering the increased footfalls of essential staff amid the ongoing restrictions. Before the mid-May restrictions came into force, Metro was running 192 services along the north-south corridor on weekdays. Even as the public are not allowed to board the trains, since last Monday (June 21), the carrier had started operating 40 staff special trains between Dakshineswar and Kavi Subhas.

Now 62 more trains have been added, with 31 in each direction. Ever since the Covid-induced restrictions were clamped in May, the city’s lifeline started running these special trains to ferry its own staff members. Later, the number was increased from six to 12 and non-Metro employees were allowed to board the trains.

From Monday, the first trains will leave Dakshineswar and Kavi Subhash at 8.30am (instead of 9am). The last service will be at 11.30am (instead of 11.15am). In the evening, the first trains will be at 3.45pm and the last at 6.30pm (instead of 6pm). The trains will ply at 11-12minute intervals from Monday to Saturday. There are no services on Sunday.

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