Garia Metro track work gains momentum

The New Garia-Airport Metro corridor project has gathered momentum with Rahee Infratech bagging the contract to supply and install ballast-less tracks along the Nicco Park-Titumir section. Till now, RVNL was laying tracks along the Ruby-Kavi Subhas section. RVNL officials said Rahee would be issued a work order shortly.

In July 2020, Rahee started track installation work for the line’s first 6.5 km stretch (New Garia to VIP Bazar). The third rail is also being installed along the 5km stretch for the 32km Line 6 which will link New Garia and the airport. The 5km between Ruby and Kavi Subhas station has a commissioning deadline in 2022.

Linxon India has started installing the 750 V third rail electrification system between Ruby crossing and Kavi Subhas station.

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