MahaMetro developing mobile app for last-mile connectivity

Maharashtra Metro Railway Corporation limited (MahaMetro) has started working on the last-mile connectivity for the Pune Metro service which will start at the end of this year. MahaMetro has started signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with transport service providers which will include mobile application in the last-mile connectivity. Till date, MahaMetro has signed a MoU with auto, cars and electronic two-wheeler providers.

MahaMetro is ready to start passenger service of 12 kilometres in the month of October and November on both corridors (Vanaz –Ramwadi and PCMC-Swargate) of Pune Metro project.

Before that, MahaMetro has signed an MoU with public and private transport services to provide last-connectivity to passengers.

Atul Gadgil, director of MahaMetro said, “The MahaMetro will develop an application under the last-mile connectivity to provide feeder services to passengers which includes transport services like public and private players. We are signing agreements with those who want to get benefits mutually. Till date, we have signed MoU with AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) auto-rickshaw union. We are inviting all auto and car services to sign MoU with MahaMetro. We have nothing to do with fare structure. It is not our part. We just want to provide transport facilities to commuters to reach Metro stations and to their destination and vice-versa.”

On the other hand, rickshaw panchayat, one of the leading unions of autorickshaw drivers, has raised objections to sign a MoU with MahaMetro.

Nitin Pawar, general secretary of rickshaw panchayat said, “MahaMetro doesn’t have the right to decide passenger fares. There is a government committee which has power to decide passenger fare. Metro is a private body and they will have to provide space and parking facilities to autos in their premises. MahaMetro will decide to give access to auto drivers of unions which will sign MoU with them. It is unfair and we are against it.”

Hemant Sonwane, general manager of MahaMetro said, “It is open to all to sign a MoU with Metro. Till date, AAP auto union, Ola and Uber and e-scooter signed an agreement. It is only to provide detailed information of the metro schedule. It is knowledge sharing and not revenue sharing.”

Passenger service will start from October-November

Last week, the MahaMetro conducted a technical trial run between Vanaz to Anandnagar stretch on Vanaz to Ramwadi metro corridor. Due to Covid-19 pandemic situation, MahaMetro is already behind schedule. Therefore, MehaMetro has started concentrating on the Vanaz to Garware college stretch. It is a six kilometre of stretch and it is a priority stretch in the Vanaz-Ramwadi metro corridor.

In the month of January 2021, the MahaMetro completed a six-kilometre stretch between PCMC and Phugewadi of Pune Metro and successfully conducted a trial run on the PCMC to Swargate Metro corridor.

Gadgil assured, “We are working simultaneously on Vanaz-Ramwadi and PCMC- Swargate corridors. We have an almost complete 6 kilometer stretch between PCMC (Sant Tukaram nagar) to Phugewadi on PCMC-Swargate corridor. In the Vanaz-Ramwadi corridor, we will complete all works soon. We will be ready to start passenger service on both corridors of a stretch of six kilometres on each corridor in the month of October or November.”

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