UPMRC invites suggestions on traffic diversion plan for underground section

A four-km-long underground Metro corridor is going to be constructed between Chunniganj and Nayaganj. In this section, four underground metro stations — Chunniganj, Naveen Market, Bada Chauraha and Nayaganj — will be constructed. For the construction of these Metro stations, a traffic diversion system will be introduced at all the four places, which will remain the same for about two years after coming into effect. Keeping in mind the convenience of the citizens, Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited has made an effective strategy for traffic diversion. UPMRC and Kanpur traffic police have decided to invite suggestions from the residents of the city before the implementation of the new traffic diversion plan.

Primarily, this strategy is to be implemented for the proposed diversion near the Naveen Market Metro station. The details of the diversion plan prescribed for the Naveen Market station will be made available on the social media platforms of UPMRC and Uttar Pradesh Traffic Police, on which the residents can submit their suggestions in the form of comments till July 20.

Keeping these suggestions in mind, suitable modifications in the diversion plan will be considered and finally, the plan approved by the traffic police will be implemented with effect from July 21.

The Naveen Market Metro station is proposed between Parade Crossroad and Kalyan Ji Bakery. Vehicles coming from the Lal Imli crossroad can take a left turn from the Parade intersection to reach Bada Chauraha via Civil Lines/Empire Lane. A 12-feet space will be left parallel to the barricading from Parade Crossroad to Kalyan ji Bakery for the passengers going to Naveen Market.

This route will work as a one-way. Passengers coming from the Bada Chauraha side can use this route parallel to the barricading to reach Naveen Market. At the same time, vehicles coming from Lal Imli side, who have to go to Naveen Market, can reach the turn of Bhargava Hospital via Empire Lane and after that turn to the right and reach the Naveen Market via the road provided beside the barricading.

It is also to be mentioned that the parking at main road area will be removed and citizens can park their vehicles at Crystal parking. Denizens can contact UPMRC for giving their suggestions. UPMRC – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialUPMetro

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