First set of Metro Rakes Arrives in Kanpur

A day after its arrival, the first set of Kanpur Metro was unloaded at the polytechnic metro depot on Wednesday, 29th September 2021 amid much fanfare and exuberance. A ‘puja’ ceremony was performed at the metro depot after which the metro train was unloaded from the giant trailers. Managing director, Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC), Kumar Keshav also took part in the puja This Mass Rapid Transit System with the measured weight of 40 tonnes was unloaded with the help of two high-capacity cranes. With the vision of ‘Make in India’, these advanced metro cars were manufactured in Savli city of Gujarat. The First Metro Train for Kanpur was delivered within the stipulated time frame of 14 months and reached Kanpur via road from Savli on Tuesday, 28th September 2021. During the late evening hours on Wednesday the metro train was parked inside the depot.

On September 18, the first Metro train was unveiled by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath through video conferencing. UPMRC said that this is a prototype metro and the word ‘Prototype’ is generally used in case of first metro train because the train has to go through several tests including Oscillation Trial Run, Train Load Testing, Signalling and Electrical, speed trial run and other major tests required for the safety measures. On this auspicious occasion, Kumar Keshav said, “Kanpur Metro is a gift for the city which not only redefines the public transportation but will also contribute to the economy of the city. After several tests, this prototype train will run on the mainline of the priority section within the estimated period of six weeks.”

The manufacturing of Metro Train commenced after the allotment of the contract on February 26, 2021, he said mentioning that the priority corridor of Kanpur Metro will have eight Metro Trains and the entire corridor will have 39 Metro trains with three coaches each.

These eco-friendly trains are equipped with modern energy-efficient propulsion systems, making them a sustainable alternative to other modes of transport, thus reducing air pollution as well as congestion. They also a ‘Regenerative Breaking’ system, under which the energy generated while applying breaks will be conserved and used back in the operations of trains. These trains have an energy efficiency of 45%, which means that in the consumption of every 1,000 units, 450 units of energy will be regenerated.

These Metro trains will draw power from Third Rail running parallel to track which means they do not cables and poles, making the infrastructure aesthetically appealing for passengers and the public.

Features of Metro Trains:

  • In cases of emergency passenger can talk to driver through Talk Back Button
  • Long stop request Button can be used by differently abled passengers to ask for extra time for alighting from the train safely
  • Carbon-dioxide sensor based air-conditioning system to reduce energy consumption so that air-conditioning system performs as per requirement
  • Will be equipped with fire extinguishers, fire & smoke detectors, high-definition CCTV surveillance system and external cameras.
  • Designed in accordance with the latest fire & crash safety standards.
  • Total Passenger Capacity: 974 max per three car train
  • 24 CCTV Cameras in a train
  • 36 LCD panels for infotainment
  • Total 56 USB Charging Points
  • 100% LED lights

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