Lucknow Metro lays emphasis on Sanitization, Thermal Scanning & Face Mask as Omicron Cases Surge in the City

Lucknow Metro has geared up to undertake stringent measures in view of the increasing Omicron and Corona cases in the Lucknow. It has taken various measures to provide a safe and secure commuting experience to the public and has laid more emphasis on sanitisation of metro stations, trains and premises. Thermal scanning and wearing of face masks has been mandatory and security personnel deployed at the stations have been given instructions to comply the Covid-19 protocol and take utmost precautions to ensure the safety of passengers. Lucknow Metro staff will also undergo rigorous checking before entering the premises to perform their official duty.

Lucknow Metro is the safest, most comfortable, affordable, hygienic & most reliable as compared to other means of public transport with state of the art facilities It is imperative to state that Lucknow Metro has been taken stringent steps to provide the safest travel experience to the people since the 1st wave of COVID-19 last year. It was because of those measures, that Lucknow Metro registered the fastest ridership recovery post lockdown in the country.

The following measures will encourage people to use Metro more often for daily travel:

Absolute Contactless travel with a GoSmart card: A GoSmart user enjoys a Total contactless travel right from entering the Metro station, boarding the train to exiting the premises. The automatic sensor of AFC gates detects the card from a distance without tapping it. So the only thing a GoSmart card user comes in contact with are the sanitized train seats

• First Metro in India to use UV technology for train and token sanitization ensuring full passenger safety

• First Metro with cashless facility of multiple tokens/tickets with GoSmart card

• Physical distancing markings & signage at all stations to ensure adequate distance among passengers near Ticket Counters (TOMs), Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs), security check frisking point, entry-exit AFC gates, etc.

• Physical distancing marking has been done on alternate seats to maintain sufficient distance between passengers inside train

• Frequently touched areas inside trains like grab rails, grab poles, grab handles, passenger seats & door surfaces from inside are sanitized regularly

• All common contact points like entry-exit gates , baggage scanners, Ticket Vending Machines, AFC gates, escalator handrails, staircase railings, lift buttons, platform seats, etc are also sanitized regularly.

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