Indore Metro rail line may not go underground at Rajwada

Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MPMRCL) has prepared an ‘alternate solution’ of its earlier plan to develop a 7km underground Indore Metro’s track through the busy Rajwada area on the locals taking objections to avert removal of their structures.

At the time of initiating Indore Metro Rail’s work of around 31.55 KM in 2018, MPMRCL had proposed developing around 7 KM of its part by laying the track underground between Kothari Market and Airport via Rajwada, Bada Ganpati and Kalani Nagar Square.

However, traders of Kothari Market along with some residents and shopkeepers of said 7 KM stretch had raised objections over a proposal to remove their structures to lay the track and developing stations, prompting local public representatives to demand for the alternate solutions.

“We have prepared an alternate solution to avoid developing a 7 KM underground railway line and a presentation of it will be given to Indore MP Shankar Lalwani, all the MLAs and local public representatives, seeking their consent to proceed further” Chhavi Bhardwaj, managing director of MPMRCL said.

She added that the proposal is to go underground just before the airport to lay around a 3 KM long railway line till BSF campus near Kalani Nagar. “Now, as a road widening and construction work is underway between Bada Ganpati Square and Krishnapura Kshatri Square, an elevated viaduct for the metro rail can be developed as required space is available there but permissions will be needed for the construction near Rajwada Palace, which is however not an ASI-protected monument” she said.

The MD said there is however a bottleneck near Malharganj area and as a solution of it, a double-layer elevated viaduct can be developed in this stretch. Besides, it will be a cost-saving step as developing the underground railway track costs around three times from the elevated viaduct.

According to senior MPMRCL officials, acquisition of land for around 17.5 KM long ‘priority corridor’ has been completed while construction of a depot near Super Corridor and piling of pears (pillars) is underway by roping as many as 15 machines.

“Tenders for rolling stock, traction power supply system, track installation and arrival of metro coaches are expected to be awarded by Mid-June” she said. MPMRCL has set a deadline of August 2023 to complete construction of the priority corridor.

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