Vadakkekotta to be biggest metro station in Kochi

The new Kochi Metro station coming up at Vadakkekotta will be the biggest among the metro stations. At present, the biggest station of Kochi Metro is at Aluva with an overall area of 1.5 lakh sq ft. However, the new metro station at Vadakkekotta is being built in an area covering 4.3 lakh sq ft.

The major attraction of Vadakkekotta station is that it offers a vast space for commercial use. The proposed area is likely to be leased out to various business enterprises and ventures including hypermarkets, tuition centres, coaching centres, music training institutes, coffee shops, gift centres, supermarkets, automobile exhibition centres and electronic shops. The station will also have a wide parking area. The Kochi Metro authorities said the 1.30 acres of land on the Irumbanam-Petta side will be used for a parking facility. 

The metro authorities have arranged a pre-licensing system for the entrepreneurs and business persons who are interested in availing space in the Vadakkekotta station. Each metro station has a unique character theme. The theme of the Vadakkekotta station will be finalised later, authorities said.

Meanwhile, the Kochi Metro service between Petta and SN Junction is likely to start in June, according to officials. Construction of the two stations on the stretch — Vadakkekotta and SN Junction — is likely to be completed in June.

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