Digital Ads.

Digital Advertisements refer to an image artwork placed on online platforms to catch the attention of target audiences and persuade them to take action like register, make online purchase or make an inquiry for a product on display.

Digital Advertisements are integral part of marketing strategy of every organization and play very crucial role in achieving marketing objectives for an organization like creating awareness, educating a prospect and generate sales leads.

Advantage Urban Railways

The content focus of Urban Railways website makes it a worthy contender for your digital marketing campaign targeted to Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) Segment. Since the Website makes instant connect with peoples associated with MRTS Fraternity (due to the very nature of contents of this website, updated daily), your advertisement is bound to generate the desired results for your marketing campaign.

Digital Advertising Options

There are two types of advertisements i.e. a Banner (The One your see above on top of this page) and a Panel (The One You see on top of the side panel).

Ad. TypeDimensions (Pixels)File TypesMaximum Size
Banner1250 X 250GIF, PNG, JPG10 MB
Panel350 X 150GIF, PNG, JPG5 MB

You can place a digital advertisement on our website as well as our ‘Daily Newsletter‘ which sends daily alerts to our newsletter subscriber.

Placing A Digital Ad. on Railways Year Book Website

We follow a bidding process to take offers to advertise on our website. You just need select the advertisement type you are interested in and then specify your duration and bid offer amount for advertising. Submit the form along with your details and your offer is placed.

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