Profile Hosting Services

This is our main service offering through this online portal. As one of the purpose of ‘Urban Railways’ is to bring products information available to Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) Fraternity. We have infact, a dedicated section called ‘Corporate Flashlight’ and ‘Technology Focus’ section wherein we publish about a company and a product useful for the MRTS Industry. However, this online portal aims to go a step further and make the service more fruitful by hosting the profile for entire year.

We invite you to have your product profiles hosted on our platform. You can have your product whitepapers, case studies and company profile hosted on our website. What’s more, your profile pages are optimized for search engines and have their own rankings for keywords related to your product !

Where Does This Fits in Your Marketing

Your profile listing here can aid in creating awareness about your products, educate your prospects about your unique selling features and also generate inquiries for your products via an inquiry form attached to your profile pages. So, if you cater to MRTS (Metro Rail) segment then, you should consider hosting your product profile with us.

How Much Does it Costs?

The Basic Package for Profile Hosting Service gives you 2 profiles: 1. A Company Profile Page (1000 -1500 Words, with upto 3 Images) + Contact Form 2. A Product Profile Page (1000-1500 Words, with upto 3 Images) + Inquiry Form (Options are available for Whitepapers and Case Studies)

The cost for basic package is Rs. 12,000/- per annum. You can add multiple products to the Basic Profile Package at Rs. 6000/- per annum per product.

How to Avail Profile Hosting Service

We follow an online booking system to initiate the on-boarding for profile hosting. Just fill out the booking form indicating the number of products and submit your interest. Upon receiving your service request we initiate the on-boarding immediately.