Urban Railways

Return & Refund Policy

Urban Railways website offers annual subscription of its services like access to

  1. Soft Copy of Urban Railways Magazine
  2. Printed Hard Copy of Urban Railways Magazine
  3. Archived Soft Copy of Previous years Urban Railways Magazine Editions
  4. Railways and MRTS Sector News and E-Mail Alerts

It is understood that the user/visitor of the website has satisfied himself/herself with regards to usability and benefits of the services provided by Urban Railways website before initiating the purchase of any of the services/products offered by Urban Railways.

Once a subscription is activated for a user, or the soft copies of the digital products or downloaded, same cannot be cancelled at any point of time during the tenure of the subscription period and hence no amount will be refunded against the same.

All Visitors to the Website including a potential buyer/subscriber, unconditionally and irrevocably acknowledge and accept that they have read and understood the terms and conditions contained on our webpage https://urbanrailways.com/terms-conditions/ and they will bind themselves by the terms as a pre-condition of the use or access the services offered by Urban Railways.

If any Visitor is dissatisfied with the contents/material/information or services provided on UrbanRailways.com or with any of the terms contained herein, the Visitor’s sole remedy is to discontinue accessing UrbanRailways.com or any of the services provided by it.

Contact us at info@impressionsindia.in for questions related to refunds and returns.