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Note: All the products above have different set of deliverables. To know more about the deliverables of each product you may click on one of the products image or title. To make quick decision here are the basic differences:

  1. If you want to access different sections of this website such as directories, new and archived pdf copies of Urban Railways magazines (Since April 2020) you should select the option one i.e. “Urban Railways – Online Services’.
  2. If you want the subscription for print copies of Urban Railways for next one year then you may go for the second option i.e. “Urban Railways – Printed”. While checking out you can enter your Billing and Shipping Address to have the print copy of the Book delivered at your shipping address. Please note that this product by itself will not give you access to any of the other online services on this website except weekly e-mail alerts of blog articles. If you would like to have access to online services as well along with the print hard copy then you have to select both the products from the shop page.
  3. The Third Product “Urban Railways Digital” gives you access to ‘E-Magazine’ section of the website where you will find the soft copy of most recent edition of magazine available for reading online as well as download. This section will have the new edition of the magazine by 11th day of every month. This subscription is limited to E-Magazine Section only. 

Although all the memberships above are valid for one year the access to different sections of the website are provided in case of option one only. Rest two memberships gives you weekly e-mail alerts but no access to other online services for which one has to buy online services separately.

For any queries you may contact us via contact form provided in contact us page or use the phone number or e-mail ID to write to us.